Authors:Akira Sudoh, Ed Chatelain
Developers:Akira Sudoh, Ed Chatelain

dojox/mvc/ModelRefController is a controller that keeps a reference to dojo/Stateful-based data model. Useful for:

  • Having a way to replace a data model with another, and making widgets respond to that
  • Adding custom methods that work between model and widgets

To help with the above, it does the following on behalf of such a model:

  • Provides data from model via dojo/Stateful get() interface
  • Stores data to model via dojo/Stateful set() interface
  • Watches for change in model (the attribute named by this._refModelProp, model is the default) via dojo/Stateful watch() interface (The callback is called when there is a change in data model, as well as when the data model itself is replaced with different one)


In the example below, the text box refers to the value property in the controller (with ctrl ID). The controller provides the value property on behalf of the model (model property in the controller). After two seconds, the text box changes from “Foo” to “Bar” as the controller changes the data model it refers to:

    "dojo/parser", "dojo/when", "dijit/registry", "dojo/domReady!"
], function(parser, when, registry){
    when(parser.parse(), function(){
        setTimeout(function(){ registry.byId("ctrl").set("model", modelBar); }, 2000);
<script type="dojo/require">at: "dojox/mvc/at"</script>
<span data-dojo-id="modelFoo"
 data-dojo-props="value: 'Foo'"></span>
<span data-dojo-id="modelBar"
 data-dojo-props="value: 'Bar'"></span>
<span id="ctrl"
 data-dojo-props="model: modelFoo"></span>
<input type="text"
 data-dojo-props="value: at('widget:ctrl', 'value')">

In the example below, it runs a custom method (lookup) when there is a change in “Zip” or “Country” attributes in the controller:

<div id="addressLookupController" class="dijitDisplayNone"
 data-dojo-props="model: loanModel, ownProps: {_setZipAttr: 1, _setCountyAttr: 1}">
    <script type="dojo/method" event="_setZipAttr" args="value">
        var changed = this.model.Zip != value;
        this.model._changeAttrValue("Zip", value);
        return this;
    <script type="dojo/method" event="_setCountyAttr" args="value">
        var changed = this.model.County != value;
        this.model._changeAttrValue("County", value);
        return this;
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