Authors:Doug Hays
Developers:Doug Hays

ToggleButton widgets are a cross between Button and Checkbox widgets. They are created like Button widgets, but like CheckBox widgets, they maintain a checked boolean attribute (settable/gettable) that toggles on each click action. Unlike CheckBox widgets however, ToggleButton widgets do not submit any value on FORM submit. They are used solely for client-side processing where the user can toggle between 2 states before performing some additional action. While checked, each of the widget’s CSS class names are appended with “Checked” and injected into the CSS class list.

Constructor Parameters

Parameter Type Default Description
baseClass String mblToggleButton Default CSS class name used to render the widget.
class String   Additional CSS class names to add to baseClass.
checked Boolean false Read-only boolean that returns the current state of the widget.
onChange Function   An event handler used for checked state change notifications.
duration Number 1000 Duration of the selected CSS change in milliseconds.
label String   The label of the button. If the label is not specified, innerHTML is used as a label.
onClick Function   An event handler used for press notifications.


Simple ToggleButton

<button data-dojo-type="dojox/mobile/ToggleButton" checked="true">Toggle me</button>

onChange handler in HTML5 format

<button data-dojo-type="dojox/mobile/ToggleButton" data-dojo-props='
      label:"Toggle me too",
      onChange:function(checked){ alert("checked state changed to " + checked); }'></button>
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