Authors:Yoshiroh Kamiyama
Developers:Yoshiroh Kamiyama


SpinWheelSlot is a slot that is placed in the SpinWheel widget.


Use this widget as child widgets of the dojox/mobile/SpinWheel widget.

Constructor Parameters

Parameter Type Default Description
items Array [] An array of array of key-label paris. (e.g. [[0,”Jan”],[1,”Feb”],...] ) If key values for each label are not necessary, labels can be used instead.
labels Array [] An array of labels to be displayed on the slot. (e.g. [“Jan”,”Feb”,...] ) This is a simplified version of the items property.
labelFrom Number 0 The start value of display values of the slot. This parameter is especially useful when slot has serial values.
labelTo Number 0 The end value of display values of the slot.
zeroPad Number 0 Length of zero padding numbers. Ex. zeroPad=2 -> “00”, “01”, ... Ex. zeroPad=3 -> “000”, “001”, ...
value String “” The initial value of the slot.
step Number 1 The steps between labelFrom and labelTo.
tabIndex String “0” Tabindex setting for this widget so users can hit the tab key to focus on it.


See the dojox/mobile/SpinWheel widget for various examples.

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