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The dojox.image.SlideShow widget displays a series of images, one at a time. It provides controls to move from image to the next or the previous image. It can also run an automated slideshow, moving from one image to the next every specified number of seconds. Features

The Slideshow widget has the following features.

  • Displays a single image at a time
  • Provides navigation controls to move between images, and to start/stop the automated slideshow.
  • Can optionally pre-load images in the background so that there is no visible delay when viewing images. While this uses more bandwidth, it provides a far better user experience.
  • Links an image to a URL, so that clicking the image navigates to a specified web address. This is optional.
  • Reads image data from an implementation of the interface. This means it is completely decoupled from any particular data source, and can be used with any data source at all as long as it is a valid store. For example, the Slideshow can display images based on data in a simple text file using, can show Flickr images using, or images from Picasa Web Albums using
  • Displays the title of each image, using a template that can be simply overridden.


Setting the Display Interval

It is possible to define the number of seconds between image transitions when running an automated slideshow. To do this, set the slideshowInterval attribute. For example, to set a three second interval between changing the displayed image, use the code below

<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1" data-dojo-props="slideshowInterval:3"> </div>

Overriding the Title Template

The Slideshow widget has a default title template that is used to display the title of the current image, as well as it’s relative position. To override the title template, set the titleTemplate attribute. The supported place holders are :

  • @title - The title of the image is placed here
  • @current - The current index of the image is placed here
  • @total - The total number of images is placed here.

For example:

<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1"
   data-dojo-props="titleTemplate:'My title is: @title, this is image @current out of @total'">

Setting the Maximum Image Dimensions

To override the default height and width of the widget, set the imageHeight and imageWidth attributes. Images are automatically scaled to fit either the max height or width, depending on which of their dimensions is greater.

<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1"
   data-dojo-props="imageWidth:600, imageHeight:300">

Disabling the AutoLoad

The Slideshow widget automatically pre-loads a number of images in the background. While this generally provides a better user experience, it uses more bandwidth, so some users may want to disable it. To do so, set the autoLoad parameter to “false”. e.g.

<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1" data-dojo-props="autoLoad:false">

This causes a delay when the user attempts to view an image, since it must wait to be loaded.

Enabling Autostart (autoplay)

The Slideshow widget does not automatically play by default. The autoStart parameter overrides this behavior:

<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1" data-dojo-props="autoStart:true">

The above slideshow plays immediately.

Disabling Resizing to Fit the Image

By default, if an image is less tall than the Slideshow widget, the widget resizes itself to fit to the image. In some circumstances this may be undesirable, such as when using an inflexible, fixed page layout. To disable this resizing behavior, set the fixedHeight attribute to “true”, e.g.

<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1" data-dojo-props="fixedHeight:true">

Setting the Data Store on the Slideshow

The Slideshow widget reads the image information from objects. To set the data source for the Slideshow widget, first create one of the available data stores, such as the or Next, create a request object, which optionally contains a query.

      // Define the request, saying that 20 records should be fetched at a time,
      // and to start at record 0
   var request= {count:20, start:0};

   // Tell the widget to request the "large" parameter, as different
   // stores may use different parameter names
   var itemNameMap = {imageLargeAttr: "large"};

   // Call the setDataStore function, passing it the data store, the request object,
   // and the name map.
   dijit.byId('slideshow1').setDataStore(imageItemStore, request, itemNameMap);
<div data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" id="slideshow1"></div>
<div data-dojo-id="imageItemStore" data-dojo-type="" data-dojo-props="url:'images.json'"></div>

Subscribing to Slideshow Events

The Slideshow publishes information about its state, that can be subscribed to using Dojo’s Publish/Subscribe system. Two pieces of information are published to a named topic:

  • Current image - whenever the displayed image changes, a JSON object with the following attributes:

    Attribute Description
    index The current numeric index of the image, that is, it’s index in the data store
    title The string title of the image, if any.
    url The URL of the image

The name of the topic is retrieved by calling the getShowTopicName method on the widget

   alert("Got index: " + packet.index
         + ", url: " + packet.url
         + ", and title: " + packet.title);
  • Loaded Image - when an image finishes loading, whether in the background, or the currently displayed image, information is published about it. The name of the topic is retrieved by calling the getLoadTopicName on the widget. A Number is published, which is the index of the image in the data store.
      alert("Got index: " +index);
  <script type="text/javascript">


        // Initialize the store with a FlickrRestStore
        var flickrRestStore = new;
        var req = {
            query: {
                userid: "[email protected]",
                apikey: "8c6803164dbc395fb7131c9d54843627"
            count: 20
        dijit.byId('slideshow2').setDataStore(flickrRestStore, req);

This SlideShow should display five photos, and not loop. It should also not
open a URL when the image is clicked.  AutoLoading of images is also disabled.
The time between images in a SlideShow is 1 second.  The widget should not resize to fit the image
<div id="slideshow2" data-dojo-type="dojox.image.SlideShow" data-dojo-props="noLink:true, loop:false, autoLoad:false, slideshowInterval:1, fixedHeight:true"> </div>
@import "{{baseUrl}}dojox/image/resources/image.css";
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