Project owner:Peter Higgins

This module provides Animated CSS class transitions for nodes, or in other words: will animate the effects of adding, removing, or toggling a class name on a node.


These API’s are identical to their plain Dojo counterparts: dojo.addClass, dojo.removeClass, dojo.toggleClass, though they return an instance of a dojo.Animation, and require you to call .play()


    // remove class="bar" from node id="foo"
    dojox.fx.removeClass("foo", "bar").play();

    // add the class="bar" to node id="baz"
    dojox.fx.addClass("baz", "bar").play();

    // toggle the class "bar" on id="bamm"
    dojox.fx.toggleClass("bamm", "bar").play();


Additionally, you can pass in an animation “magic arg”, defining additional properties for the animation (such as duration: easing: rate: ... ). This is passed as the third parameter to removeClass and addClass:

dojox.fx.addClass("baz", "bar", {
    duration:5000, onEnd: function(node){ console.log("we're done with", node) }

The only variation here is toggleClass, whose third parameter can be used to force adding or removing (just as dojo.toggleClass does). In this case, you need to pass undefined value in third position, and the animation arg object in the fourth:

dojox.fx.toggleClass("bar", "baz", undefined, {
    duration:1500, easing: dojo.fx.easing.backOut

The returns of these functions can be applied to a dojo.fx.combine or chain call.

NodeList Morphing

An ext-dojo module exists for these functions as well. They can be included into dojo.NodeList by requiring the appropriate module:


This allows you to use these functions automatically with dojo.query, though to not conflict with dojo.query’s own .addClass, .removeClass, and .toggleClass, these functions are suffixed with “Fx”: .addClassFx, .removeClassFx, and .toggleClassFx respectively.


The node is assumed, and omitted from the parameters. An Animation “magic arg” can be mixed in after the classname in these functions as well.

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