Project owner:Peter Higgins

The FileInput class provides a foundation for a series of FileInput widgets: FileInput, FileInputAuto and FileInputBlind.

Unless you have a clinical aversion to Flash, it is recommended you use the newer FileUploader and provided in the DojoX Form project.


There are three widgets available here. You must issue a require() call for the specific type you desire:

// or just

There is also a required CSS file. All three widgets share a single sheet of rules:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dojo/dojox/form/resources/FileInput.css" />

The three types are described as:

  • Base - A plain input type=”file” widget, intended to match Dijit theme styles and fit into regular forms.
  • Auto - An extension on base FileInput which will submit the file after a period of time after selection, giving the user a moment to cancel if necessary.
  • Blind - An extension on FileInputAuto which removes the input functionality, and provides only a button to trigger the file selection dialog.
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