dojox/app/main (Application) is used to create a dojox/app Application object using a configuration object.

The Application class itself doesn’t currently exist as an exported class. This module only exports a function, which when provided with a configuration JSON object will declare & instantiate the Application class that will actually be used on a page. Additional modules provided in the configuration file are mixed into the Application object. By default the lifecycle module is included and will fire a topic event when the application is ready. You can listen to that topic by using the dojo/topic module as follows:

require(["dojox/json/ref", "dojox/app/main", "dojo/text!app/config.json", "dojo/topic",
  function(json, Application, config, topic, lifecycle){
  topic.subscribe("/app/status", function(evt){
    if(evt == lifecycle.lifecycle.STARTED){
      // the application is ready

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