Authors:Kris Zyp
Project owner:Kris Zyp

dojo/store/Memory is an object store wrapper for JavaScript/JSON available directly with an array. This store implements the new Dojo Object Store API.


The Memory store provides full read and write capabilities for in memory data. The Memory store is very simple to use, just provide an array of objects. The Memory store is also a synchronous store, which also simplifies its usage. All the functions directly return results, so you don’t have to use asynchronous callbacks in your code.


require(["dojo/store/Memory"], function(Memory){
    var someData = [
        {id:1, name:"One"},
        {id:2, name:"Two"}
    store = new Memory({data: someData});

    store.get(1) -> Returns the object with an id of 1

    store.query({name:"One"}) // Returns query results from the array that match the given query

        return > 1;
    }) // Pass a function to do more complex querying

    store.query({name:"One"}, {sort: [{attribute: "id"}]}) // Returns query results and sort by id

    store.put({id:3, name:"Three"}); // store the object with the given identity

    store.remove(3); // delete the object

See Also

The Memory store uses the dojo/store/util/SimpleQueryEngine for querying.

You may also wish to use the Observable store wrapper to add notifications of changes to data:


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