The Dojo Toolkit API

Welcome to the Dojo Toolkit API documentation. You are browsing version 1.10 of the Dojo Toolkit. Use the selector to the left to change versions.

To find the object you're interested in, use the tree to the left...or use the quick links below. To print the documentation, simply navigate to the object of your choice and hit Print.

The main packages of the Dojo Toolkit

The granddaddy of the Dojo Toolkit. Look here for common methods such as dojo.byId or
The user interface framework built on top of Dojo.
The namespace of additional Dojo Toolkit projects, including things like Charting, the Grid and DTL.

Common modules and packages of the Dojo Toolkit

The CSS3 query selector engine of the Dojo Toolkit.
The return from any dojo/query call, with lots of goodies.
The form elements of Dijit, including TextBox, Button, FilteringSelect and a lot more.
Layout widgets to help you design your Dijit-based interface, including BorderContainer and ContentPane.
The main object of the Dojo Toolkit's amazing Charting library.
The Grid classes in the Dojo Toolkit, including the DataGrid, EnhancedGrid and TreeGrid.
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