How to release

Let’s make some magic together.

Creating a Dojo Release/RC/Beta

  1. Log into your shell account at <username>

  2. Check out a copy of the appropriate branch

  3. cd util/buildscripts

  4. Run ./ <version> <username> <revision>, where:

    version is the version number, e.g. 1.7.1rc1

    username is your subversion username

    revision is the revision of the version to tag as the release. If unspecified, the head revision will be used.

  5. Press a key to start the build

  6. Press “Enter” when asked whether you want to do any manual packaging

  7. Ignore any errors about cd failure

  8. Move the release to (if you built it locally, then copy it to <username> first, using the command suggested by the build script)

  9. Untar the files to, then delete the tarball

  10. Update with the new version information. If it’s a new major release, make sure to list the previous release under “Releases”.

  11. Add tags to GitHub for each repo (these instructions are for point releases; major releases are easier and you can figure that out on your own): cd <cloned-repo-name> && git checkout <last-version> && rm -rf * && svn export --force<version>/<reponame> . && git commit -a -m "Release <version>" && git tag -a -m "Release <version>" <version> && git push --tags

  12. Add new version and milestone numbers to Trac.

  13. Bulk move all open tickets to the next release number in Trac.

  14. Do a CDN build! Ant 1.8 does not work, so use peller’s copy of 1.7.1:

    ANT_HOME=/home/peller/ant-1.7.1/ ./ <version>, where:

    version is the version number, just like before

    If this is the first time you have run ant, it will not work. You will need to ctrl+c after it fails and start over.

    You will also need to remove the <property name=”locales”/> node in util/buildscripts/cldr/build.xml so all locales are built.


  15. Transfer the CDN build directory to You probably wanna archive it first or else it will take forever and ever.

  16. Send an email to dojo-contributors and dojo-interest mailing lists. If possible, include a picture of a puppy or something.

  17. Send an email to your friendly CDN manager asking them to copy over the new CDN build.

  18. Celebrate!

Creating a new DTK branch (for new major versions)

  1. Run <version> <revision>, where:

    version is the new branch number, e.g. 1.7 revision is the revision of the version to branch from

  2. Check out the new branch and update to point to the release branch, not trunk.

  3. Have a beer.

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