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This module defines the core Dojo DOM attributes API. The standard return variable for this module is domAttr.


AMD Features

  • domAttr.has

    Returns true if the requested attribute is specified on the given element, and false otherwise.

  • domAttr.get

    Gets an attribute on an HTML element.

  • domAttr.set

    Sets an attribute on an HTML element.

  • domAttr.remove

    Removes an attribute from an HTML element.

  • domAttr.getNodeProp

    Returns an effective value of a property or an attribute.

Legacy features are set in dojo/_base/html.


require(["dojo/dom-attr"], function(domAttr){
  if domAttr.has("nodeId", "foo"){
    console.log("nodeId has attribute foo = " + domAttr.get("nodeId", "foo"));
    console.log("nodeId doesn't have attribute foo");

See also

API Reference: dojo.dom-attr

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