Authors:Peter Higgins, Jonathan Bond-Caron, Shane O’Sullivan, Bryan Forbes

dojox.fx provides a class of animation effects to use, and other animation and Effects additions to dojo base.

Base Animations

These are the animations provided by calling dojo.require("dojox.fx");

  • dojox.fx.wipeTo - allows you to wipe a node to a specific height or width
  • dojox.fx.sizeTo - animates a node about it’s center to a defined width and height
  • dojox.fx.slideBy - slide a node by a defined offset
  • dojox.fx.crossFade - conveniently fade two nodes simultaneously
  • dojox.fx.highlight - highlights a node for a short timespan
  • dojox.fx.fadeTo - fade a node to a defined opacity

Additionally, dojox.fx includes the Dojo Core animations, and creates aliases to them in the dojox.fx namespace. For instance:

dojox.fx.fadeIn == dojo.fadeIn
dojox.fx.chain == dojo.fx.chain

Additional FX

The DojoX FX project also contains additional functions, group by role.

  • dojox.fx.scroll - Provides window and node scrolling animation: dojox.fx.smoothScroll
  • dojox.fx.Shadow - An experimental cross-browser drop-shadow
  • - An experimental API to animate the effects of adding, toggling, and removing class names from nodes.
    • dojox.fx.addClass
    • dojox.fx.removeClass
    • dojox.fx.toggleClass
  • dojox.fx.easing - deprecated, module moved to dojo.fx.easing in Dojo 1.3
  • dojox.fx.flip - An experimental simulated 3d effect API
  • dojox.fx.split - A series of animations for breaking nodes into parts, and transitioning them
  • dojox.fx.text - An extension of fx.split, which works exclusively on text nodes.
  • dojox.fx.Timeline - An advanced dojo._Line replacement

NodeList Supplements

A cross-namespace module which mixes all the Core dojox.fx animations into dojo.NodeList is available with the module:


This allows you to use dojo.query to select groups of nodes and create animation instances from them.

Additionally, a module in dojox.fx also provides the APIs to dojo.query as well:


Read more about CSS morphing at docs

Base Dojo Extensions

A few modules mix into the dojo namespace, as denoted by their module names:

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