Gets the window object associated with a document.


require(["dojo/window"], function(win){
  var w = win.get(doc);

get() takes a parameter of a Document and returns the appropriate window object reference adjusting for browser quirks.


Here is some code to trace up from a node to the root of the main document, passing through iframes:

require(["dojo/window", "dojo/_base/window", "dojo/dom"], function(win, baseWin, dom){
  var node = dom.byId("someNode");
    if(node.tagName && node.tagName.toLowerCase() == "body"){
      // is this the root of the document or just the root of an iframe?
      if(node === baseWin.body()){
        // node is the root of the main document
      // otherwise, find the iframe this node refers to (can't access it via parentNode,
      // need to do this trick instead). window.frameElement is supported in IE/FF/Webkit
      node = win.get(node.ownerDocument).frameElement;
        node = node.parentNode;

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