An object describing the current version of dojo.js


>>> dojo.version;
0.0.0dev (15278) major=0 minor=0 patch=0 flag=dev revision=15278
>>> dojo.version.toString();
"0.0.0dev (15278)"

0.0.0 indicates a “trunk” release, a non-complied version of Dojo. Typically you will see a real version, such as “1.2.0”

The members of the dojo.version object are integers, and can be checked individually:

var v = dojo.version;
if(v.major > 1){
  // this is dojo 2.x
  // this id dojo 1.x
     case 1: console.log("1.1.x specific code"); break;
     case 2: console.log("1.2.x specific code"); break;
     case 9: console.log("this is 0.9, as major is less than 1, but not 1"); break;

It is important to note the dojo.version value is easily set as part of the build process (version=1.2.0), and should not be relied upon in production code. It is meant as a simple utility for determining which particular version of Dojo is loaded on a page, mostly for debugging purposes.

The revision member refers to the SVN revision used to create the version. You can inspect individual changesets at the Dojo bug tracker

    dojo.query(".info").attr("innerHTML", dojo.version);
<div class="info"></div>

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