Authors:Kris Zyp
Project owner:Kris Zyp

dojo/topic provides a centralized hub for publishing and subscribing to global messages by topic (using the same hub as dojo.connect). One can subscribe to these messages by using topic.subscribe, and one can publish by using topic.publish.


Using AMD style (Dojo 1.7+)

require(["dojo/topic"], function(topic){
  topic.subscribe("some/topic", function(){
    console.log("received:", arguments);
  // ...
  topic.publish("some/topic", "one", "two");

Using dojo.require

  dojo.topic.subscribe("some/topic", function(){
    console.log("received:", arguments);
  // ...
  dojo.topic.publish("some/topic", "one", "two");

Differences from old APIs

Passing arguments via publish

Whereas dojo.publish required arguments to be specified within an array, topic.publish does not have this requirement; any number of arguments can be specified flatly after the initial argument which specifies the topic. For example:

topic.publish("some/topic", "argument1", "argument2");

Conversely, if you do specify an array as the second parameter, that is precisely what handlers subscribing to the topic will receive: a single argument which is an array.

Unsubscribing handlers

Whereas dojo.subscribe returns a handle which can be later passed to dojo.unsubscribe but is otherwise somewhat opaque, topic.subscribe returns a simple object containing a remove method, which can be called to unsubscribe the listener. This is akin to the remove method available on objects returned by dojo/on functions.

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