Authors:Kris Zyp
Project owner:Kris Zyp
since:V1.6 is an adapter for using Dojo DataStores with an object store consumer. This store allows the developer to convert existing datastores to implement the new Dojo Object Store API.


datastore = new{url:"data.json"});

store = new{store: datastore});

  // use the query results returned from the server

Method Mapping

With the DataStore store, store methods should intuitively map to DataStore API methods:

Method Functionality
get(id) This will do a datastore.fetchItemByIdentity({identity: id}).
query(query, options) This will do a datastore.fetch({query: query}, options).
remove(id) This will first do a datastore.fetchItemByIdentity({identity: id}) followed by a datastore.deleteItem(item).
put(object, options) This will do a datastore.newItem(object) while respecting the options parameter.
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