dojo/_base contains a number of modules that provide basic functionality, such as array operations and AJAX functionality. Typically, if a function or class exists within the dojo namespace directly (e.g. dojo.forEach()) then it is defined in dojo/_base.

However, the modules in dojo/_base are being phased out in favor of top level modules in the dojo/ directory. The dojo/_base files will be maintained until the 2.0 release.


  • dojo/_base/array

    Array handling functions

  • dojo/_base/browser

    This module causes the browser-only base modules to be loaded.

  • dojo/_base/Color

    Functions for setting colors.

  • dojo/_base/config

    Allows developers to override certain global settings that control how the toolkit operates.

  • dojo/_base/connect

    Contains functions for connecting methods to events

  • dojo/_base/declare

    Contains functions to define classes

  • dojo/_base/Deferred

    Functions and classes for managing communication between asynchronous threads (callbacks).

  • dojo/_base/event

    Functions to handle DOM events.

  • dojo/_base/fx

    Basic animation functions.

  • dojo/_base/html

    Module defines aliases to basic DOM and HTML functions, designed for backwards compatibility.

  • dojo/_base/json

    Contains functions for dealing with JSON data.

  • dojo/_base/kernel

    Defines some key parts of the Dojo API

  • dojo/_base/lang

    Contains functions supporting polymorphism and other basic Dojo language features.

  • dojo/_base/loader

    Module defines deprecated symbols for loading.

  • dojo/_base/NodeList

    Contains the syntactic sugar for chaining, common iteration operations, animation and node manipulation.

  • dojo/_base/query

    The swiss army knife of DOM node manipulation in Dojo.

  • dojo/_base/sniff

    Used for browser feature detection, deprecated and moved to dojo/sniff.

  • dojo/_base/unload

    Defines functions related to dealing with unloading document lifecycle.

  • dojo/_base/url

    Defines the dojo/_Url object for handling and manipulation of URLs.

  • dojo/_base/window

    Contains functions for dealing with document wide DOM and context related features.

  • dojo/_base/xhr

    The core AJAX I/O transports and utility methods for Dojo.

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