Sophisticated Web Apps

Dojo’s world class widget library is “Dijit”. This widget framework enables rapid development of rich internet applications with a quality look and feel on modern browsers.

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MVC Application Controller & DataBinding

Building Web Apps is about connecting your beautiful user interface to services and data across the web. Dojo’s flexible data access libraries help you get at data so that it can be consistently connected to views, and the new data binding and application controllers that are available are making it simpler than ever to create data bound UI’s and control global application flow.


New controls like the Opener widget help insulate your applications from variations in screen sizes. Opener manages the display of secondary views such as dialogs seamlessly across desktop, tablet and phones.

Forms & Data

Dojo includes a new set of components designed from scratch with mobile in mind, including forms and databinding.

Thousands of companies are using Dojo today to build their next generation web-enabled products!

IBM Rational Team Concert IBM Rational Team Concert is built on Dojo

Queued User Interface

Create Beautiful User Interfaces


Dojo widgets comes with the default high-quality “Claro” theme based on Less.js, and three other sample themes to get you started.

Create your Own

The Claro theme is built using CSS and parameterized using Less, making it very easy to change styling across an entire theme in one place--including graphical components such as charts and gauges. Start with the Claro theme and tweak to meet your needs.

Layout Widgets!

Dojo’s layout widgets allow you to quickly build advanced, themed layouts with minimal effort.

Form Widgets!

Dojo’s widgets transform bland forms to deliver simpler and more flexible interactive experiences!

More Widgets!

The Dojo Toolkit provides numerous useful widgets to quickly enhance your web application.

dgrid and DojoX Data Grids

Dojo offers several extremely flexible grids including the dgrid package, as well as the legacy/deprecated DojoX DataGrid, EnhancedGrid, and TreeGrid to serve all of your data visualization needs.

Virtual scrolling

lazy render rows and provides the most natural scrolling behavior.


a classic alternative to virtual scrolling, provides more flexible controls on page view navigation, especially useful for huge number of rows.

Export & Print

export or print Grid content freely with support of more customized content formats.


provides extremely flexible way to filter

Drag and Drop

provides a magic way to reorganize Grid view by moving columns, rows or cells.


feel free to select any combination of either consecutive or nonconsecutive columns, rows or cells.

Editable cell

switching cells into editable widgets by just simple clicks


provides a way to persist common Grid preferences including (but not limited to) sorting order, column order or column width.


lazy load & render nested children rows, significantly boost performance when TreeGrid being used with huge tree-structure stores.

See dgrid In Action See DojoX Grids In Action

Data Grids

Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editor

Dojo’s Rich Text Editor is a text area on steroids. It comes with over 50 configurable plugins for advanced HTML text editing that can be configured to meet your applications specific rich text editing needs.

Rich Text (word processor-like), editing of HTML documents.

Extensible toolbar with a default set of icons for common actions

(bold, italic, underline, indent, etc.)


Cross-browser support (desktop browsers only)

Built-in filtering support

Pluggable architecture

World Class

Dojo’s widgets are fully globalized, including calendars, date pickers, numeric inputs and bidirectional support!


Dojo’s Claro theme is fully WAI-ARIA compliant supporting keyboard, screen reader, and high contrast modes, and meets most accessibility standards.

Locales Translated to over 25 languages!
Supports Multidirectional language documents Multidirectional Language Support Bidi Form Example (Hebrew)