Dojo 2 Roadmap

At a Glance

Coming Soon
Our goal is to release Dojo 2 beta soon. Want to contribute? Note that the dojo/meta roadmap is more up to date than this page.
Modules released separately and packaged into releases.
Built with TypeScript, compiled to JavaScript.
IE11+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Mobile Safari & More.
Developed by the community using GitHub.

Package Status

#Planning 0
#Alpha 4
#Beta 9
A command like library for Dojo 2 applications.
A library for wiring up Dojo 2 applications.
A CLI (command line interface) for creating Dojo 2 applications.
Utilities for defining class hierarchies, including multiple inheritance.
A set of language helpers, utility functions, and classes for writing TypeScript applications. Includes APIs for feature detection, asynchronous and streaming operations, basic event handling, and making HTTP requests.
Utilities for DOM manipulation and event handling/delegation in browser runtimes. It encourages (and shims) standard DOM methods where possible, but it provides utilities to make common and recommended use cases easy and obvious, and harder use cases less painful.
This package provides an API for expressing feature detection to allow developers to branch code based upon the detected features.
Functionality necessary for localizing applications.
A minimal bootstrap for TypeScript and JavaScript libraries that loads modules in AMD, CJS, and eventually ES2015 formats.
Base API for managing navigation and history via path based hash changes and the HTML5 History API, and higher level routing management.
Targeted at providing function shims for ECMAScript 6 and beyond targeted at ECMAScript 5. It is different other solutions of shimming or polyfilling functionality, in that it does not provide the functionality via augmenting the built in classes in the global namespace.
Data infrastructure framework providing the tools for modelling and interacting with data collections and objects. Works with a variety of data storage mediums, and provides a consistent interface for accessing data across different user interface components.
A core widget library for Dojo 2.

Want to help?

Giving Feedback

In order to gather feedback in a manner where we don't lose insightful thoughts to one off conversations on IRC or various e-mail threads, please provide feedback via comments in each of the Package Proposals.

Contributing Code

When development starts on a package a link to the github repo for the package will be posted. To contribute, follow the guide to Submitting a Pull Request.

First things first though, if you're not a contributor we'll need for you to become one.