“London”), March 11th

As Dylan already wrote in the last “This week in Dojo” there will be a“London”) in guess what? … London, march 11th.

Right at the same time as QCon, come join Dylan, Torrey, me and others for drinks, food and as always, lots of Dojo, JavaScript and other cool stuff we web-hackers like.

The event will be located at (and is free):

Location: Two Chairmen, 39 Dartmouth Street, SW1H 9BP London

Date/Time: March 11th – 18:30 – until the end 😉

If you are planning to drop by, make sure you let us know via this form.

Looking forward to this one.

P.S. More dojo.beers are planned in April, including Israel, Washington and maybe NYC – watch the regular sources for more info.

P.S/2 If you want to see Dojo access some hardware and display your heart rate, this event might just be right for you

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