Dojo Week in Review #2

This week’s highlights include a few new Dojo sites and steady improvements to Dojo.

Joost and Wall Street Journal

Joost, an early pioneer in online broadcast videos, has launched a completely revamped version of their platform with Dojo 1.4 as the basis for their new user experience.


The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading financial news service, has updated their web site to make use of Dojo 1.4 (as well as Prototype and


Improvements to Dojo in trunk

This week’s development efforts were focused primarily on stabilizations and improvements to Dijit by Bill Keese (IBM). Adam Peller (IBM) made a number of translation resource commits for various Dijits. Mike Wilcox
contributed fixes for the UpgradeBar and FileUploader. Jared Jurkiewicz (IBM) further improved the Editor widget and its plug-ins. Finally, Doug Hays (IBM) contributed additional fixes for minor bugs.

A couple of minor changes were made to the API, moving a couple of Dijit APIs to Dojo Core to make them easier to use outside of Dijit:

  • dojo.window.get() // Get window object associated with document doc
  • dojo.window.getBox() // Returns the dimensions and scroll position of the viewable area of a browser window

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