Dojo Recap – Week Ending January 8, 2016

Up next in Dojo 1.x

We were incredibly active over the holidays triaging and working through issues for the Dojo 1.11 release. I personally read all 1300+ open tickets, and made the decision to close about 800 tickets. Given that we are starting to aggressively work on Dojo 2, it was time to be realistic about what we can actually fix, vs. what we need help from the community to fix. As such, I closed about 650 tickets as those which require a contribution or they will not get fixed, and another 150 as things that have already been fixed, or things we were able to fix over the holidays!

My feeling is that in order for the issue tracking system to be useful, it needs to have a manageable number of tickets, so that we can respond to all new issues quickly. I was also able to land nearly 100 pull requests, many of which were from the community. I wish we had been able to get to this a few years ago, and my goal is to get our number of open tickets down to below 200 within the next couple of months.

Ticket Graph

We are now aiming to finish the remaining dozen Dojo 1.11 tickets by the end of the month, do a release candidate, and then release 1.11 in February!

Rather than listing the large number of items that were fixed, I’ll simply provide some relevant links:

Recently in dgrid and dstore

dgrid 1.0 was released this week, as well as dgrid 0.4.1. dstore 1.1.1 was also released at the same time.

Recently in Intern

Work has been done to add several new features to Intern including collapsible test suites in the HTML reporter, support for CodeShip and Bamboo, documentation for driving Intern tests via Gulp, and to allow test suites to be skipped more efficiently.

Experimental work has also started on a refactor of Intern in TypeScript.

Recently in Dojo 2

We’re making further progress on Dojo 2 as well. We’ve made significant progress as follows:

Upcoming Dojo 2 efforts

We are currently working on the initial design document for Dojo 2’s widgets, and continuing to make progress on each package. If you’re interested in helping out in these areas, or other parts of Dojo 2, just let us know, either in the comments or on IRC.

Weekly IRC meeting

We’ve moved the minutes for our meetings for 2016. Meetings are still 9am US Pacific time on Tuesdays, IRC, #dojo-meeting.


Thanks for your help in improving Dojo 1.x and towards Dojo 2!

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    1. 1.11.0 and 1.11.1 have both been released, and there will be a 1.11.2 in a couple of weeks. We usually wait until the release is on the Google CDN, and Google has been particularly slow with this release unfortunately.

  1. I came across this page inadvertently as I was looking for a contact link / tab. There were none.

    My comment is [about the tutorial] why would I learn Dojo if it does not do what I want. I decide on a tutorial if I want to use the library. And how can I decide on this if I have not seen EXAMPLES?
    I’ve looked for examples of what I can do with this library and could not even find one.

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