Dojo Recap – May, 2016

We continue our focus towards Dojo 2. This post contains a quick summary of the updates we’ve made over the past month!

Dojo 1.11.2 coming soon

We will soon release Dojo 1.11.2, as well as backported releases, to address a few regressions in the 1.11.1 release.

Chrome 51 regressions with xstyle (and dgrid 0.4 and earlier)

Chrome 51 introduced a breaking change that is being rolled back that has impacted some Dojo users that were using older versions of dgrid with an old xstyle dependency. If you have not upgraded to dgrid 1.0 or newer, we recommend doing that. If you still need an older version of dgrid, we recommend updating to dgrid 0.4.2. If you only want to update xstyle, we recommend getting version 0.3.2 or applying a small patch to xstyle.

High level Dojo 2 progress

The overall Dojo 2 progress is tracked at dojo/meta:

Dojo progress

In the past month, we’ve had many alpha and beta updates, and a few new packages added:

  • dojo/loader now at beta5 (from beta4)
  • dojo/compose now at beta4 (from beta1)
  • dojo/core now at alpha7 (from alpha5)
  • dojo/widgets now at alpha1 (from prototype)
  • dojo/actions now at alpha3 (from prototype)
  • dojo/cli package created
  • dojo/app package created
  • dojo/grunt-dojo2 now at alpha7

Some of the major items we’ve been solving include:

  • build process and cli for Dojo 2, including work to support r.js and webpack
  • support for alternative loaders including SystemJS
  • added many new widgets to dojo/widgets including usage of Flexbox for layout widgets, as well as support for including Dojo 1 widgets
  • significant work on the application factory, actions, and routing packages
  • Style guide and linting refinements
  • Updates for the TypeScript 2 release and typings

Dojo 2 in progress

This month we’re focused on:

  • Making more progress on Dojo 2 builds
  • Improving the application factory
  • More updates for TypeScript 2 support
  • Refining APIs and features as we work on creating example applications
  • Getting many of the things we started in May to a more stable state

Please let us know if you would like to get involved! Either find us on IRC, leave a comment here, or start contributing on GitHub. We greatly appreciate the help!

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