Dojo Recap – June, 2016

We continue our focus towards Dojo 2. This post contains a quick summary of the updates we’ve made over the past month!

Dojo 1.11.2 released

We released Dojo 1.11.2, as well as 1.10.6, 1.9.9, 1.8.12, and 1.7.10 in early June. These updates are available via the Dojo downloads and are also now available on the Google CDN.

Dojo 1.11.3 is planned for release in late August.

Chrome 53 may deprecate synchronous XHR

Synchronous XHR is not supported as part of the XHR 2.0 specification. Synchronous XHR was the foundation for the pre-AMD loader system in Dojo releases prior to Dojo 1.7. At the moment, there are a few options but none are ideal:

  • Update to use AMD (make sure you specify async: true in your configuration)
  • Use the cross-domain version of Dojo (this may still break with i18n and text files, so all resources will need to be built into your built layer)

We are exploring possible options for Dojo 1.6 users, though an upgrade to an AMD version of Dojo is the safest option at this time to make certain your older Dojo applications continue to work in Chrome.

UPDATE: Chrome does not plan to drop standard Sync XHR (as much as they would like to) as it is still widely used on the web.

High level Dojo 2 progress

The overall Dojo 2 progress is tracked at dojo/meta:

dojo/metaDojo 2 status

In the past month, we’ve had many alpha and beta updates, and a few new packages added:

  • dojo/has and dojo/shim were split from dojo/core, each now at alpha1
  • dojo/compose now at beta6 (from beta4)
  • dojo/widgets now at alpha3 (from alpha1)
  • dojo/actions now at alpha4 (from alpha3)
  • dojo/grunt-dojo2 now at beta9 (from alpha7)

Dojo 2 ToDoMVC

We’ve also created a reasonable first draft of a ToDoMVC app with Dojo 2, the hello world of JavaScript applications. Source for this is found in the dojo/examples repo.

Dojo 2 ToDoMVC

Some of the major items we’ve been solving include:

  • Many refinements to dojo/app, including custom element support and dozens of refinements
  • More than a dozen improvements to dojo/widgets including important stability fixes for use with dojo/app
  • significant work on actions, routing, core, compose packages

Dojo 2 in progress

This month we’re focused on:

  • Making more progress on Dojo 2 builds
  • Improving dojo/app and dojo/widgets
  • More updates for TypeScript 2 support
  • Refining APIs and features as we work on creating example applications
  • dojo/i18n
  • Early exploration on vector graphics and visualizations

Please let us know if you would like to get involved! Either find us on IRC, leave a comment here, or start contributing on GitHub. We greatly appreciate the help!

Conference talks

Check out our talk on how Dojo 2 has benefits from ES6 and TypeScript features from FullStack 2016!

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