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Dojo Spring 2016 events

There are a number of Dojo events this spring and early summer. We hope to meet you at one of these events. Let us know if there’s an event you would like to host in your area.


Conferences we’re planning to attend and/or deliver talks.


Training Workshops

  • SitePen Workshops. SitePen offers a number of online and in-person workshops focused on Dojo, ES6/TypeScript, and Intern. Paid registration required.

Let us know if you’re speaking at an event, and we’ll add you to our listings!

Dojo Recap – Week Ending December 11, 2015

Recently in Dojo 1.x

Last week we made one enhancement to Dojo 1.x:


Up next in Dojo 1.x

We are starting to put together a release plan for 1.11, and updated point releases for earlier versions of Dojo. We have about 30 more issues to resolve, and then we’ll be ready for the 1.11 release! The main things we are considering for 1.11 are as follows:

Recently in Dojo 2

We’re making further progress on Dojo 2 as well. Last week our focus was on Compose, core, and parser:




Upcoming Dojo 2 efforts

Here we’ve identified a few of our aspirations for near future. This week in Dojo 2, we have more code reviews to complete and pull requests to land. If you’re interested in helping out in these areas, or other parts of Dojo 2, just let us know, either in the comments or on IRC.

  • Review and improve the Compose and parser prototypes
  • Define and refine the approach to widgets and application architecture for Dojo 2
  • Continue to review and land code for Core, Crypto, DOM, dstore, i18n, Loader, and Routing

We are also actively working on the following:




Over the last couple of months we’ve also been working on evaluating other projects out there to determine how they can benefit or inspire our efforts, or offer possible integration options. We’ve also been working on a reference application that we will be using to document and validate the APIs in Dojo 2. Work on these efforts will continue as we work to refine the vision and approach for Dojo 2.

Weekly IRC meeting

As usual, our weekly IRC meeting is on #dojo-meeting at 9am Pacific time on Tuesday.

View the Dojo weekly meeting logs

This week’s agenda

  • 1.11 release plan (we’re aiming for January for the release)
  • Discuss open 2.x challenges


The Dojo 2 loader, core, and dom are near an alpha state! Progress is being made on routing, crypto, i18, dstore, Compose and parser. Please let us know if you plan to work on any features, or would like to get involved, so we can collaborate.

This Week in Dojo: New Tutorials, Mobile Showcase and more

In the past three weeks SitePen engineers have released a flurry of new tutorials (13 and counting) including two tutorials focused on building Web Apps using Dojo Mobile!

Speaking of Dojo Mobile

There is now a Dojo Mobile Showcase which shows the various widgets available in Dojo 1.6 and gives a glimpse at what’s coming in Dojo 1.7.


Boilerplates are all the rage these days, and sure you can get a sweet HTML5 boilerplate but what about Dojo? Stepping up to the plate is Rebecca Murphy and Colin Snover with their initial release of their Dojo 1.6 boilerplate!