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Dojo Recap – Week Ending May 8, 2015

Another exciting week is underway in the Dojo camp!

Dojo 1.x

In preparation for the 1.11 release planned for late Spring, we are landing high quality pull requests to fix various bugs and add enhancements to the dojo, dijit, and dojox packages.

Improvements this week

Last week in Dojo 2

Initial Dojo 2 core repository is now public

In the intial core repository, you will find initial efforts in the repo for:

  • async
  • Promise
  • has
  • streams
  • WeakMap
  • decorators
  • lang
  • math
  • number
  • object observation
  • string shims
  • task queuing

Class Declaration

We've run into a small roadblock with our proposal for traits or mixins in TypeScript, so we are evaluating our options.

Style Guide

We have an updated and exhaustive Dojo 2 style guide available. Please follow these guidelines when contributing to Dojo 2.

This week’s Dojo 2 goals

Here are a few of this week's aspirations!

  • Verify all code conforms to Dojo 2 style guide
  • Further core development efforts including Encoding, Request, Events, Batch Processing, Date Features and streams (Transformers, Seekable Reader, Canned Streams, Iterable Interface)
  • Begin dom/html and history/routing development efforts
  • Refine proposals and readmes

Weekly IRC meeting

As usual, our weekly IRC meeting is on #dojo-meeting at 9am Pacific time on Tuesday.

Last week we discussed

  • General community and contributor feedback to the Dojo 2 roadmap

This week’s agenda

  • Discuss code in core repository
  • General community and contributor feedback to the Dojo 2 roadmap


Thanks to everyone for their valuable contributions this past week! Please let us know if you’d like to help out too!

This Week in Dojo: New Tutorials, Mobile Showcase and more

In the past three weeks SitePen engineers have released a flurry of new tutorials (13 and counting) including two tutorials focused on building Web Apps using Dojo Mobile!

Speaking of Dojo Mobile

There is now a Dojo Mobile Showcase which shows the various widgets available in Dojo 1.6 and gives a glimpse at what’s coming in Dojo 1.7.


Boilerplates are all the rage these days, and sure you can get a sweet HTML5 boilerplate but what about Dojo? Stepping up to the plate is Rebecca Murphy and Colin Snover with their initial release of their Dojo 1.6 boilerplate!