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Dijit Talk at London Ajax User Group

Sam Foster, Dojo committer and SitePen software engineer and Dojo trainer, delivered a great overview of Dijit and Dojo widgets at the December London Ajax User Group event. If you’re interested in quickly getting an overview of Dijit, or just … Continue reading

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JSON Schema and SVG to GFX Articles

David Walsh of SitePen has authored a pair of articles this week about various Dojo-related topics: JSON Validation with JSON Schema discusses the general topic of JSON Schema, and how to use it for validation in general, with dojox.json.schema, and … Continue reading

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How to File a Dojo Bug Report

If you’ve found an issue with Dojo, filing a bug is simple: Create an account (to reduce spam) File a bug We encourage you to be as specific as possible about your issue. Note that you do NOT need to … Continue reading

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